Pyramiding white rust resistance and Alternaria blight tolerance in low erucic Brassica juncea using Brassica carinata

Kadambari Gupta, Deepak Prem and Abha Agnihotri


The present study was undertaken to incorporate resistance to fungal diseases white rust (WR) and
Alternaria blight (AB) in low erucic acid Brassica juncea from B. carinata through interspecific
hybridization aided by ovule culture. Hybrids characterized through ISSR markers and morphological traits,
indicated intermediate nature with strong influence of pollen donor. The hybrids showed high variation in
morphology (6% B. juncea type plants in F2 to 100% in BC2) and exhibited high tolerance to both WR and
AB in subsequent backcross generations under epiphytotic conditions. B. juncea type plants were identified
from BC2 and BC1self progeny with no detectable erucic and high oleic acid (44.7%) content along with high
tolerance to both WR and AB.

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