An analysis of supply response of rapeseed-mustard in different regions of Uttar Pradesh

Arpita Gangwar, Virendra Singh


The continuing imbalance between increasing demand and slow growth in supply of oilseeds is a major
concern which needs to be addressed seriously. The increase in the production of oilseed has to come
through increase in acreage and /or productivity of the oilseeds. Uttar Pradesh is a very important state in the
country from agricultural point of view, which occupying second position in rapeseed-mustard production. In
Uttar Pradesh, an attempt was made to examine the economic factors on supply response of rapeseedmustard
in different regions, and at aggregate level. The present study evaluated the impact of price and
selected non-price factors on the area of rapeseed-mustard, and to analyse the short and long-run price

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