Antioxidant potential in seed meal of different Indian mustard genotypes

Nisha Kumari, Ram Avtar, Bunty Sharma Naresh Thakral


activity alongwith Fe2+ chelating activity and radical scavenging activity in methanolic extracts of seed meal was
determined in ten different genotypes. The methanolic seed meal extract exhibited a concentration and genotype
dependent elimination of DPPH free radical. All the genotypes showed about 50 % inhibition in 3 mg of dry seed
meal. As the concentration of seed meal increased, there was corresponding increase in eradiction of free
radical. The highest antioxidant activity (22.45 mg/g) and Fe2+ chelating activity (36.00 %) was observed in the
genotype LES-51. The Fe2+ chelating activity varied from 20.53 % (LES-50) to 36.00 % (LES-51).

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