Screening for drought tolerance in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) genotypes based on yield contributing characters and physiological parameters

Anita Kumari1, Ram Avtar, Amrita Narula Minakshi Jattan, Babita Rani and Manmohan


Fifty genotypes of Brassica juncea were evaluated for drought tolerance during rabi, 2015-16. These were grown under
two environments i.e. irrigated and rainfed (no post sown irrigation) in the research area of Oilseeds Section, CCS HAU,
Hisar. Reduction in chlorophyll content, relative water content (RWC), yield and yield attributes was observed under
rainfed conditions. Out of 50 genotypes, 25 showed <10% reduction in chlorophyll content with minimum of 2.5% in
DRMR-15-16 under rainfed conditions. Minimum reduction in number of siliquae on main shoot (SMS) was observed in
PRD-2013-2 (2.0%) followed by DRMR 1187-71 (2.1%). 1000-seed weight also declined with minimum of 0.07% in KMR1-
4 followed by 0.8% in RH 0406 and 1.2 % in NPJ-197. The genotypes LES-53 and PRD-2013-2 recorded for minimum
reduction in biological yield/plant under rainfed conditions. Seed yield/plant observed with minimum reduction of 11.5%
in PRD-2013-2 followed by 14.1 % in NPJ-197. The genotypes found tolerant under rainfed conditions were LES-53, PRD-
2013-2, DRMR-4001, PDZ-1, RB-50, NPJ-197 and KMR (E) 15-1 on the basis of less reduction in seed yield, harvest index,
1000-seed weight and biological yield.

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