Studies on physico-chemical properties of crude oil and refined oil

Ratnesh Kumar, Suresh Chandra, Samsher, Neelash Chauhan, Jaivir Singh and Mukesh Kumar


The present investigation was undertaken to physico-chemical properties of crude oil and refined oil under different
storage condition. The effect of storage conditions on the quality of mustard, soybean, sunflower, groundnut oil and
their refined oils were analyzed under storage up to 210 days in Room temperature, BOD incubator and Refrigerated
condition. An average oil seeds contain 40-50% oil and 20-25% good quality protein with exception 40-45% protein and
18-20% oil in soybean. Fats and oils are one of the five essential ingredients of human diet and the others are protein,
carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Oils and fat form an important constituent of human food. Lipid metabolism
generates many bioactive lipid molecules, which are fundamental mediators of multiple signaling pathways and they are
also indispensable compounds of cell membranes. Many people in developing countries, especially children under five
years of age suffer from acute or chronic protein and energy shortages. There is definitely a need for food production to
keep pace with the increase in the number of the world’s population. Sunflower oil is high-quality edible oil. It is used in
cooking, frying, and in the manufacture of margarine and shortening and considered by some as desirable as olive oil.

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