Calibration and validation of InfoCrop simulation model for growth and yield of Indian mustard varieties at Allahabad

Vijender Singh, Satyendra Nath and Yogesh Kumar


Field experiment was carried out at SHUATS, Allahabad, to study calibration and validation of InfoCrop model with the
data sets generated respectively during Rabi season of 2016-17. The main plot treatments and sub-plot treatment
consisted three dates of sowing and cultivars (D1- 25th October, D2- 5th November and D3- 15th November) and (V1-
Parasmani, V2- Varuna and V3- SRM 777) using split plot design. The results revealed that simulation of growth and yield
parameters were compared with observed data and results concluded that the model overestimates all the parameters
within the acceptable range (<15%) with significant accuracy. Therefore, the validated InfoCrop can be used for prediction
of phenology, estimates actual and potential yield and it provide management option in resilience towards changing
climatic conditions.


climate change, InfoCrop model, Indian mustard, sensitivity analysis, validation

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