Comparative quality assessment of edible and blended edible oils

Ratnesh Kumar*, Suresh Chandra, Samsher, Vikrant Kumar, Balwant Singh and Vipul Chaudhary


The chemical and physical properties of oils are amongst the most important properties that determine the quality and
help to describe the present condition of oils. The soybean oil used as based oil for replacement. The soybean oil was
replaced by (40-85); mustard, sunflower and groundnut are each (5-20%). pH of individual and blended oil was ranged
between 3.2 to 5.4, density (0.892 to 0.900), Specific gravity (0.8363 to 0.8391), Free fatty acid (0.14 to 0.19), Iodine value
(2.20 to 2.22), Peroxide value (0.16 to 0.34), pH, density, Sp. gravity, Iodine value, FFA, Peroxide value of individual as well
as blended oil was increased with increase the storage period under different storage condition. This affects was seen
as replacement of soybean oil from other oil i.e. sunflower, groundnut and mustard oil. The storage oils at room
temperature affect the quality of oil during storage.


Edible oil, iodine value, peroxide value

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