Soil health management for enhancing productivity of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

Mahesh C Meena, Ganpat Louhar and Abir Dey


Indian mustard is the third most important oilseed crop in India. The mustard crop and its produce are critical in country’s
food security, nutritional security and over-all financial security. The challenge in satisfactory level of mustard production
lies in the fact that multi-nutrient deficiencies being critical to mustard production, often is prevalent in mustard growing
regions of the country which continuously possess hurdles in the way of enhanced mustard productivity along with
other soil health related issues. These issues needs to be immediately dealt with site-specific nutrient management
practices along with addressing the multi-nutrient deficiencies in mustard growing regions to achieve good productivity.
A good nutrient management approach not only improves soil health, and nutrient supplying capacity, but also improves
the productivity and quality of seeds in mustard. In the present review, different nutrient management approaches and
their effects on soil health and mustard productivity is discussed.


Integrated nutrient management, Indian mustard, organic manures, sulphur fertilization

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