Impact assessment of improved production technologies of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) through frontline demonstrations

MM Puniya, Ishwar Singh, SR Kumawat and G Nagal


To enhance the profitability of mustard growers, the improved mustard production technologies were showcased
through cluster frontline demonstrations. In total-150 no. of on-farm demonstrations were conducted on 70 ha area in
Bendo ka bera, Kali-mali, Jaloda, Bhojka, Mokheri and Baingti of Jodhpur district of Rajasthan during 2018-19 and 2019-
20 and these were compared with existing farmer’s practices of mustard cultivation. The improved production technologies
consisting high yielding variety (DRMRIJ 31 Giriraj), sowing method, nutrient management, chemical weed management
and use of plant protection measures were included in the demonstrations. The findings of the study revealed that the
package of improved production technologies recorded a mean yield of 19.32 q/ha which was 40.22 % higher than the
farmers practices (13.78 q/ha). Comparatively higher net returns (Rs. 62987/ha) and with a B:C ratio of (3.56) were
recorded with improved technologies as compared to farmers practices (Rs. 41636). Adoption of improved technologies
significantly increased the yield as well as yield attributing traits of the mustard than the farmers practices. So, there is
a need to disseminate the improved technologies among the farmers with effective extension methods like training and
demonstrations. The farmers should be encouraged to adopt the improved crop production technologies as discussed
in this paper. So the higher Productivity and economic returns from mustard cultivation could be realized.


Adoption, front line demonstration, mustard, productivity, profitability

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