Combining ability for yield and its contributing characters in Indian mustard

Sukhchain Kaur, Ravindra Kumar, Sharanjeet Kaur and Vijay Singh


The combining ability analysis of five parents and their 10 F1s produced by Diallel mating system revealed that there
were significant differences for all the characters in both the type of combining ability. For all the characters suggesting
the involvement of both additive and non-additive gene effects in regulating the expression of different characters, GCA
and SCA variances were important. The estimates of specific combining ability effects revealed that as many as four
cross combinations exhibited significant and positive sca effects for seed yield/plant. The maximum significant positive
sca effect was exhibited by Ashriwad × IC 589690 and IC 589690 × IC 447111 thus they were good hybrid combinations,
contributing towards higher seed yield. These crosses were also found promising for other desirable traits, hence could
be further evaluated in heterosis breeding programme. Simultaneously these hybrids could be selfed to obtain desirable
recombinants in segregating generations for the development of superior genotypes


Cross combination, GCA, Indian mustard, SCA, significant

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