Improvement in growth and yield of Indian mustard by using micro and secondary nutrients fortified FYM in calcareous soil

VS Meena, MK Meena, ML Dotaniya MD Meena, RS Jat2, RL Choudhary, Harvir Singh, PK Rai


A field experiment was conducted to enhance the micro and secondary nutrient availability to Indian mustard (Brassica
juncea L) in arid and semi-arid regions using split plot design with three replications. The experiment was consisted with
three treatments of FYM level (control, 5 t ha-1 and 10 t ha-1) and five treatment of nutrient sources (control, 2.5 kg Zn +
1 kg B+ 5 Kg Fe + 10 kg S ha-1, 5 kg Zn + 2 kg B+ 10kg Fe +20 S kg ha-1, 2.5 kg Zn + 1 kg B+ 5 Kg Fe +10 kg S enriched with
FYM @ 500 kg ha-1 and 5 kg Zn + 2 kg B+ 10kg Fe+20 kg S enriched FYM @ 500 kg ha-1). The results revealed that
application of FYM @ 10 t ha-1 along with5 kg Zn + 2 kg B + 10 kg Fe + 20 kg S enriched FYM @ 500 kg ha-1 found
significantly (p=0.05) improved plant height, number of primary and secondary branches, chlorophyll content (90 DAS),
LAI, basal girth, maximum seed yield (29.64 q ha-1), stover yield (76.25q ha-1) and oil content (12.78q ha-1). Such studies
could play crucial role in balance application of plant nutrient for enhancing Indian mustard yield.


Carbon, irrigation water, mustard, nutrient dynamics, organic amendments

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