Induction of host resistance with plant defense activators against white rust [Albugo candida] of Indian mustard

Hanuman Singh RS Ratnoo


In plants systemic resistant can be induced through biotic or abiotic plant defense inducers. Efficacy of biotic and
abiotic plant activators was tested against Albugo candida causing white rust on Indian mustard cultvar RH 406 under
artificial epiphytotic conditions during two consecutive cropping seasons. Maximum average size of pustules were
recorded in check (3.92 mm) followed by zinc sulphate (3.27 mm), Trichoderma viride (3.14 mm). Among the abiotic
agents, maximum reduction in the size of the pustules were recorded in salicylic acid (47.01 %) followed by calcium
sulphate (41.28 %) and potassium chloride (40.06 %).Overall number of pustules were recorded maximum in check (5.78),
followed by zinc sulphate (5.39) and T.viride (5.16). Among the bio agents, Pseudomonas fluorescens reduced number
of pustules by 25.96% over the check. Among the abiotic agents, salicylic acid recoded superior in all treatments over the
control which reduced number of pustules 38.65% over the check followed by calcium sulphate (32.50%).Among the
abiotic agents, salicylic acid reduce the percent disease index by 30.11% over the check followed by calcium sulphate
(22.54%) and minimum percent disease index reduction was recorded in zinc sulphate was 5.93%.


Albugo candida, Indian mustard, resistance, white rust

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