Genetic diversity and morpho-agronomic characterization of Gobhi sarson (Brassica napus L) genotypes

Aazima Hyder, Asif M Iqbal, FA Sheikh PA Sofi, Sanjay K, SS Mahdi, ZA Dar, NR Sofi, MA Aziz, Qazi Iram, F Jeelani and S Bang


The present study was carried out to assess the genetic diversity and to characterize the set of fifty Gobhi Sarson
(Brassica napus L) lines during Rabi 2019-2020. Extent of diversity was estimated and distinctness among the cultivated
varieties was established. Divergence analysis categorised the genotypes in to 8 clusters using Mahalanobis D2 analysis.
Cluster II contained the maximum no. of genotypes i.e. 18 genotypes followed by Cluster III (11 genotypes), Cluster I (9
genotypes), Cluster IV (6 genotype), Cluster V (2 genotype), Cluster VI (2 genotype), Cluster VII (1 genotype) and
Cluster VIII (1 genotype). It was observed that seed yield contributed maximum (25.2%) towards divergence, followed by
main raceme length (21.9%), no. of seeds silique-1 (18.3%), no. of pods plant-1 (13.4%), 1000 seed weight (8.5%), oil
content (5.5%), days to 50 per cent flowering (4.2%) and days to 80 per cent maturity (2.9%). Since the inter cluster
distance between Cluster I and V (154.9), followed by Cluster V and VIII (145.1), was found quite large. Also, all the
genotypes were characterized for 24 morphological traits as per DUS Descriptor of PPV&FRA, 2001. A good spectrum of
variation was found in the frequency distribution of genotypes for various characters.


Brassica napus, distinctness, diversity, genetic divergence

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