Genetic variability and character association studies for yield and yield traits in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Nandini Guguloth, Shivangi Saha, Rohit Kumar Verma, Aditi Eliza Tirkey, Arvind Patel, Divya Prakash and Kartikeya Srivasta


An experiment for genetic parameters and character association studies for yield and yield traits, was conducted during the Rabi season 2021-22. Twenty-four Indian mustard genotypes were grown in randomized complete block design with three replications and observations were recorded for 15 characters. The analysis of variance revealed that all the traits had significant differences between the treatments. Genotypic coefficient of variation, phenotypic coefficient of variation, heritability coupled with genetic advance were recorded higher for the harvest index, biological yield, seed yield/plant, number of secondary branches, main raceme length, siliquae/plant. Genotypic correlation showed that the harvest index (0.93), seed yield q/ha (0.92), siliquae/plant (0.92), number of secondary branches (0.91) and biological yield (0.81) had positive significant correlation with seed yield/plant. So, more emphasis should be given to these traits for selection of genotypes. Genotypic path coefficient analysis revealed that the characters harvest index (0.74), biological yield (0.44), siliquae/plant (0.42), plant height (0.31) and length of main raceme (0.19) showed the positive direct effect on seed yield/plant


Correlation, genetic variability, Indian mustard, path analysis

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