Standardization of pre-storage seed treatment and different packaging material on seedling parameters of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L)

Abhishek Kumar, Shivam Kumar Rai and d Prashant Kumar Rai


Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L) seed (variety SRM-777) stands as a pivotal agricultural asset, necessitating rigorous quality maintenance during storage. In our investigation spanning a three-month storage duration, we rigorously assessed various treatments and storage materials for their influence on seed quality parameters including germination rate, seedling growth, and vigour indices. Notably, seeds treated with Rhizobium at 5gm/kg displayed pronounced enhancements in several metrics, including a heightened germination percentage, accelerated germination rate, extended root and shoot lengths, and superior seedling vigour indices I and II. Simultaneously, the selection of storage material also had a significant impact on the seeds' preservation. Seeds stored in aluminum foil pouches consistently exhibited better results than those stored in cloth bags. In contrast, seeds treated with 3gm/kg of castor oil showed comparatively lower quality metrics when compared to untreated seeds. The findings indicated that the germination rate was 88.3%, with a seedling fresh weight of 127.6 mg, seedling dry weight of 18.4 mg, root length of 10.9 cm, shoot length of 15.2 cm, seedling length of 28.5 cm, seedling vigor I of 2500.7, and seedling vigor II of 41.4. This research highlights the twofold importance of rhizobium treatments and suitable storage materials, specifically aluminum foil pouches, in improving the quality of mustard seeds during storage. Although these findings offer a hopeful path towards enhancing mustard seed quality, it is crucial to conduct extensive research in various storage and environmental conditions to ensure comprehensive validation and wider applicability.


Biofertilizers, Indian mustard, packaging materials, seed treatment, seedling parameters, seed storage

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