Abstracts of papers presented at 1st National Brassica Conference, March 2-4, 2012, College of Agriculture, CCS HAU, Hisar, Haryana

NBC 2012


Present status and future strategies for management
of Brassica oilseed crop diseases

Oilseed Brassica Research: Present Scenario
and Future Strategies

Managing abiotic stresses in Oilseeds Brassicas

Impact of climate change on pests and diseases
of Oilseeds Brassica-the scenario unfolding

Genetic management of major abiotic
stresses in rapeseed-mustard

Genetic transformation in oilseed Brassicas

Broadening genetic diversity for breeding high
value oilseedBrassica cultivars using conventional
and molecular approaches

Genetic improvement of Indian mustardBrassica
juncea for seed yield and oilseed quality
through conventional and biotechnological

Prospects of bio-control of mustard aphid

Towards restructuring Brassica rapa genotypes
using native genetic variability

Management of Sclerotinia rot of rapeseedmustard
through IPM interventions

Developing a web-based database of rapeseed-
mustard germplasm using LAMP technology

Status and opportunities in Taramira (Eruca
sativa) research in India

Induced mutagenesis for genetic improvement
of Indian mustard

An effort towards understanding of pathogenesis
of Alterenaria species at physiological,
biochemical and molecular level

Induction of myb gene under drought stress
in Brassica juncea, B. carinata and B.

Non destructive method using near infrared
reflectance spectroscopy for estimation of
fatty acid profile in rapeseed-mustard

Broomrape: A threat to Indian mustard cultivation
in Haryana and its control measures


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