Stability for seed yield and component traits in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) under Jharkhand condition

Priyamedha, Arun Kumar and ZA Haider


Fifty three genotypes of Indian mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss.] consisting of 13 parents and
40 crosses were sown during Rabi 2014-15 under three different dates of sowing i.e. 21st October, 06th
November and 21st November, with objective to test genotype-environmental (G X E) interaction and phenotypic
stability for seed yield and its component traits. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block
design replicated two times. Timely sown (21st October) genotypes showed higher mean for seed yield/plant
while late sown (21st November) genotypes showed lower mean due to forced maturity. Sufficient G X E
interaction was exhibited by the genotypes for all the characters. All 53 genotypes were tested for 3 stability
parameters, viz. mean, bi and S2
di. The environment (linear) was highly significant for all the characters,
while the linear component of G X E interaction was highly significant for days to maturity only. Pooled
deviation differed significantly for plant height, number of siliquae on main shoot, number of seeds/siliqua,
total number of siliqua/plant, 1000-seed weight, days to maturity and seed yield/plant, suggesting the genotypes
had varying level of stability over the sowing times for these characters. The parents viz. NRCDR-02, Pusa
Bold and BPR 543-2 as well as the crosses viz. Pusa Bold x Pusa Mustard-21, Pusa Bold x RGN-73, Pusa
Bold x JN032, Shivani x Heera and Shivani x BPR 543-2 exhibited high mean and showed stable performance
for seed yield/plant. Stability parameters indicated that BAUSM-92-1-1 (1000-seed weight and days to
maturity), Pusa Bold (seed yield/plant and days to maturity) and BAUM-2007 x JN-032 (total number of
siliqua/plant and number of seeds/siliqua) were fairly stable across the environments. These genotypes can
be utilized to develop stable strains having wider adaptability for different sowing times.


Indian mustard, G X E interaction, seed yield

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