Gamma rays and EMS induced mutants in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Beena Nair, AT Nartam, MG Badukale and NA Mohurle


Seeds of Brassica juncea (L.) cultivar BIO 902 and Pusa Bold were treated with EMS (0.5%) and gamma
rays (900-1300 Gy) with the objective to study the variability for qualitative and quantitative traits, to isolate
morphological and economical mutants in M2 generation. Morphological mutants viz., early and late maturing,
branched, appressed, tall and dwarf, powdery mildew tolerant and aphid tolerant and high yielding mutants
were identified. These mutants were isolated in all the treatments of gamma rays (900-1300 Gy) and
combination treatment of gamma rays and EMS (0.5%). These selected mutants will be forwarded to M3
and further generations until homozygosity is reached and superior progenies will be evaluated in yield trials.


Brassica juncea, mutation, gamma rays, EMS

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