Screening of putative resistant sources against Indian and exotic isolates of Albugo candida inciting white rust in rapeseed-mustard

RP Awasthi, NI Nashaat, SJ Kolte, AK Tewari1, PD Meena and Renu Bhatt


Screening of worldwide Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss. germplasm for horizontal resistance against
Albugo candida (Pers. ex. Lev) Kuntze isolates virulent in India and Canada revealed that almost all the
important varieties being grown in India are susceptible to white rust disease. All lines of B. juncea var.
Cutlass showed resistant response to the mixture of A. candida isolates derived through B. juncea and B. rapa
except 2V (Canadian isolate). When the same lines inoculated again with a mixture of these isolates including
2V, these lines expressed high susceptibility to white rust. Further, three lines derived through var. Cutlass
selected on the basis of their earlier resistant reaction to the mixture of isolates RESJ-998, RESJ-1004 and
RESJ-1005 were tested for their response to 2V alone. Three plants of RESJ-1052 and one plant each
of RESJ-1004, RESJ-1005, RESJ-1033 and RESJ-1051 were found to be resistant to all the Indian isolates
as well as 2V. These resistant sources with combined resistance to different white rust isolates proved to be
putative donors for oilseed Brassica crop improvement programmes.

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