Development and application of genotype-specific SCAR markers in Eruca sativa and in its commercial oil

Gajra Garg, Sunita and Vinay Sharma


Eruca sativa (L.) Mill. (ver. Taramira, Arugula, and Rocket) has various therapeutic and industrial applications worldwide.
Although the oil of taramira is non-edible in nature, it has many medicinal properties. The adulteration of its oil with any
other edible oil could be harmful. The present study has provided a method for the development of genotype-specific
SCAR (Sequence Characterized Amplified Region) markers in E. sativa, representing an effective way of identification.
Through ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeats) analysis, 16 polymorphic fragments were selected for their conversion
into SCAR but finally only 4 SCAR markers (ScFa-ScRa, ScF3-ScR3, ScF5-ScR5 and ScFm-ScRm) each of different
genotype were successfully developed. Further, examination of these markers was performed with the help of commercial
samples of oil, collected of three different locations. Developed markers could be considered as useful to check the
adulteration of Eruca oil in consumable products and also for authentication purposes in various breeding experiments.

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