Response of different genotypes and their cross combinations to anther culture in Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun)

Shitole Ajit Mohanrao and Vedna Kumari


The effects of seven genotypes and their cross combinations, two basal media i.e. B5 and MS, two different sucrose
concentrations i.e. 3% and 4% and three combinations of hormones viz., HM1, HM2 and HM3 and their interactions on
callus inductions frequency in Brassica carinata were analyzed by using CPCS software. Mean sum of squares due to
all factors were significantly revealed the effects of genotypes, media, hormones, sucrose and their interactions on
callus induction frequency. Out of all factors and their interactions, the genotype P-51 performed better in B5 medium
supplemented with HM2 (0.2mg/l BAP + 2.0 mg/l NAA) and 3% sucrose concentration for high callus induction frequency.

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