Influence of sowing date on growth and productivity of rapeseed-mustard: a review

Rakshit Bhagat , Mahender Singh , BC S and Gurinder Singh


Sowing date is an important factor that determines the length of growing season affecting yield attributes and yield of any crop. Rapeseed-mustard being a photosensitive crop is significantly influenced by sowing date with respect to growth and productivity has been studied by different research workers. The optimum time for sowing of rapeseedmustard is important as the phenological (phasic) development in terms of organ appearance and its rate of development is directly associated with prevailing weather conditions and the sowing date depends on the prevailing climatic conditions in the location. Shift in sowing dates directly influences both thermoperiod and photoperiod as temperature regimes affects phenological and physiological parameters of mustard and consequently causes variation in yield. Therefore, results from different studies revealed that the maximum yield potential of rapeseed-mustard crop is usually achieved when the crop is exposed to the most appropriate temperature range, which can be controlled by sowing at the proper time. In this paper an attempt has been made to critically review the research works carried out by the researchers which may contribute in realizing the optimum date of sowing for higher growth and productivity in rapeseed-mustar


Growth, rapeseed-mustard, sowing dates, weather, yield

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