Identification of a pubescence locus in Chinese flowering cabbage (Brassica rapa L.)

Tetsuya Kitanishi, Gento Tsuji and Nakao Kubo


The pubescence is an important trait for Brassica rapa vegetables concerning insect resistance but causes a bad mouthfeel when eaten. Pubescence is observed in some Chinese flowering cabbage (B. rapa) cultivars. The cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS) markers linked to pubescence-related genes BrTTG1 and BrGL1 were investigated in a segregating population. The correlation between the presence/absence of pubescence and DNA marker genotypes tested using the Mann-Whitney U test, showing that the pubescence trait was significantly correlated with the CAPS marker linked to BrGL1. Sequence comparison of BrGL1 showed several nucleotide polymorphisms between parental cultivars, of which 2-bp deletion caused a frame-shift mutation in the BrGL1 of hairless cultivar ‘Hanakazari’. A CAPS marker developed from BrGL1 sequences co-segregated with the pubescence trait in this population. Therefore, it suggested that the BrGL1 is a likely candidate gene controlling the pubescence trait in this Chinese flowering cabbage line.


Brassica rapa, CAPS marker, Chinese flowering cabbage, GL1, pubescence

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