The need for a platform to bring together the different stakeholders including scientists exclusively involved in Brassica research, planners, processors, traders and policy makers, has been highlighted in many forum. The establishment of Society for Rapeseed Mustard Research (SRMR) is one of the imperative steps toward this direction to provide such platform. The SRMR envisages fulfilling this need in a constructive manner, providing informed choices and novel paradigms through in depth and meaningful research.

The society will act to provide and promote opportunities for interaction and fellowship among scientist interested/ engaged in different scientific pursuits, which is of specific concern to the society. The society shall, in furtherance of its objectives, publish journal, bulletins, reports, books, hold seminars, symposia, conference etc. It is our keen pursuit to provide forum for interaction of different scientific and educational organizations working in rapeseed-mustard research and development, discuss inter-disciplinary R&D programmes relevant to rapeseedmustard production and utilization etc. The society shall strive to evolve as a premier opinion maker and think-tank of high order and professional competence on all critical issues of rapeseedmustard production, processing and trade.

SRMR also published a multidisciplinary an international journal "Journal of Oilseed Brassica" that publishes scientific articles concerned with all aspects of Brassicas in general and rapeseed mustard in particular. The journal is peer reviewed and committed to timely publication of original research and reviewed articles. The journal is designed mainly to serve researchers, dealing with brassica research. Papers that can provide both basic theoretical and experiments, are particularly welcome. The journal is published 2 times per year with distribution to librarians, universities, research centers, researchers in Biology and Agriculture science. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies in order to publish papers of only the highest quality. The journal has been published since 2008 and All papers, solicited and unsolicited, first assessed by the Editors. Papers found suitable in terms of the overall requirements of the journal send to referees for detailed evaluation


  • Provide and promote opportunities for interaction and fellowship amongst rapeseed-mustard researchers, educationist,extensionist and other stakeholders engaged in different scientific pursuits.
  • Discuss inter-disciplinary R&D Programmes pertinent to rapeseed-mustard research, production and utilization, etc.
  • Provide honors and awards to recognize the contribution of and encourage members (scientists, educators, students, etc) for rapeseed-mustard research and development.
  • Publish the journal, bulletins, reports, books, Conference proceedings and newsletters as decided from time to time, for the advancement of aims of the SRMR.
  • Hold national, international conferences, seminars, symposia, and provide forum for interaction of different scientific and educational organizations working for rapeseed-mustard research and development.
  • Undertake any activity that directly or indirectly serves the cause of the SRMR.



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